A watched pot never boils

So I’m currently home ill with a cold waiting for the phone to ring. As people close to me probably know I still work at Sony Mobile and a while ago it was announced that the Lund site should reduce its headcount with 1000 people. With about 2300 people working in Lund it’s a very big cut.

With the ongoing transformation the whole organization is overhauled and every employee has gotten to express where in the organization they would like to be. I’m currently waiting for phone call from the part of the organization I would like to be in. The waiting is painfully slow.

If it does not pan out with this phone call I think I will still have somewhere to be though. Yesterday a different manager than my own called me and asked what I wanted to do, so there seem to be quite some intrested of keeping me in the company. It would however only make sense to try to keep me in the company as they have already selected me twice as 5% of the workforce for the talent management programme. The programme aims to cultivate talents and grow them for future needs of the company.

Now I’ll power of this computer again and read a bit in “Caves of Steel” which Emma, a colleague and friend, bought for me to read quite a while ago.

Let’s see if that phone ever rings…


Currently sitting in the car at the train station in Lund waiting for my father to arrive. When he does in about 20 minutes I’m going to drive him home, which takes about 25-30 minutes and then drive back home again. I won’t be in bed until past midnight. I tried to sleep a bit in the evening but didn’t succeed. I’m quite bad at sleeping in evening or afternoons when I’m supposed to. I however don’t have any problem at all to fall asleep in the evening, or even better afternoon, when I’m not supposed to. Good thing the first meeting isn’t until 9:30 tomorrow.

Today I had lunch with a group of people from work where I used to work with some of them before in an assignment past. Unfortunately the three guys I liked most and spent most time with have quit or moved site by now, but the ones left aren’t bad either compared to my own section. There are also two new guys in the group and I like one of them quite a lot. I think I’ll try to arrange to have lunch with them more often as there’s interesting discussions during lunch time and it keeps my spirits up a bit for the afternoon.

Currently working with a defect that seems to only be testable in Japan. When I have made a software build it takes the guy in Tokyo 4 hours to download it from Lund. Now that’s efficient working!

Headache and tired

So I started working again Monday last week. I think it was time for it but I did not expect the toll it would take on me. In the evening when I come home I’m very tired and don’t do more than watch some TV. Which means there haven’t been anything written here. I’m tired today as well but though it was due.

Work is slow and uninteresting at the moment. The only joy in it is meeting the interesting individuals who have not quit yet, but there’s not many left. With the start of work the headaches returned a bit more as I’m actually concentrating for a long period of time. Went to the pharmacy today and picked up some new caffeine pills, I hope they will help a bit as the paracetamol doesn’t help much anymore.

Went to look at another house today. Was quite nice with quite a large garden but I didn’t feel it. And the ceiling in the furnished cellar was so low that my hair touched the roof now and then when I walked. The other rooms for storage and workshop had pipes in the ceiling so lots of things to hit my head in. Don’t think this is a winner either but Annie is still processing a bit.

Now I need my sleep so I can be fairly alive tomorrow.


I have now worked my last day in Redwood. Got home from work shortly after 1 am. Did some packing and had a shower. Now it’s 2:40 in the night and I’ll head for 4½ hours of sleep. Then I’ll get up, shower some more and finish packing my stuff. Short night so I hopefully can sleep a bit on the bus (plane) that will take me from San Francisco to Chicago.

In Chicago we probably need to go through security again as we’re switching terminals. At least we won’t need to re-checking our luggage as we had to do on the way here. We got about 2½ hours in Chicago so will hopefully have time to eat something. Not the whole world if we miss it though as we’ll get some food on the plane from Chicago to Copenhagen. I should land in Copenhagen sometime after 13:00 and will probably be home around 14:30 – 15:00. When home I’ll sure have another shower, and I can’t wait to cut my nails, didn’t bring any clippers as I thought I as staying a shorter duration. But trip got extended and I haven’t had any opportunity to buy any. They are really way too long now at least.

Can’t wait to get home to Annie either. I just want to hug her tight, tight, tight!

It seems like if work was to decide, I’d be back here next Monday. Have to talk a bit with Annie and my manager when I’m back in Sweden. I sure won’t go for next Monday at least, want to be home and have some everyday life with Annie for a while.

I intend to write a post tomorrow morning about my stay here, but knowing me, I will probably not do it. We’ll see…


I have never before eaten dinner as late as I did today. Today I got up around 7:30 and had breakfast around 8. Went to work 9:30 or something and had lunch around 13:30. Then I had dinner at 0:30 at on of the few places that serve cooked food at shortly passed midnight. I wasn’t that hungry actually but still was nice with some food. Just got home and brushed my teeth now, time for sleep, 1:25 am.