It has been a while since I wrote last, and quite frankly, I haven’t had the time to write. Tomorrow (Wednesday) a project in school is to be handed in. Normally, this isn’t much of a fuzz, cause I normally do things quite in time and are done with them well before deadline. This time, this has not quite been the case, it’s however not due to my laziness.

This project started the 19:th of December last year. A 2 hours long lecture about the project with the most incompetent teacher we got at school. He’s by the way also the guy responsible for the project. As the project description was attached to the course we had before it, me and my group had already started so we were well ahead when we were supposed to start. At this very first lecture he also informed that all the different teachers and assistants that we could require aid from should be in school when we had guidance on the schedule.

The first scheduled time was the 22:nd, the only teacher there was the incompetent one, and we had already done the parts were we could have used his help, so it was quite useless. Most of the question was about the implementation part, and about that he don’t know much.

We sent of a mail to the assistant that was supposed to help us with the programming about DAO, Observable Pattern and some other very interesting stuff.

Then it was time for Christmas. During Christmas we, as expected, didn’t really do all that much.

The second of January it was time for guidance again. Nobody from the group really wanted to go, but we went anyway as we thought it might be helpful. When we got there, we learned that the only person at the school was the incompetent teacher, that we still did not need any help from.

We had gotten a reply on the email about the coding though so we started implementing the system. Our group has been quite calm throughout the period, not getting stressed up and so. Many other groups though have not been very calm at all. As the instructions we got with the assignment are very vague, people assumed that we were supposed to implement the full system. The incompetent teacher had however said at the first lecture that only a small portion was needed to pass the assignment. Later he said to some groups that to be sure to pass, you probably wanted to do a bit more.

Everyone was still very unclear about what was needed on the different parts. Last Thursday the prefect of the institution published a message calling to a meeting about the situation the day after. She and the teacher who is responsible for the whole semester was present. The guy responsible for the whole semester is also the programming and system development teacher.

At this meeting, we asked him several questions and he gave us several answers that directly contradicted our instructions. Apparently, the incompetent guy had changed the instructions cause he thought it was funny or something, nobody knows why. Either way, we had been told to do things that we were not meant to do according to the plan the institution had made for the semester. We also found out that the information we had gotten from the programming assistant about how to implement the system was wrong. Many groups had done pretty much everything wrong in one way or another.

As it was not the student faults for this craziness, the prefect and the semester responsible teacher set up some new ground rules about what was allowed and how much needed to be implemented. Since this meeting on Friday, I have redone quite a lot of our system, not because I had to, but because I want to learn to do it in the correct way for later when I’m perhaps to work with it. Yesterday (Monday) in school before going home after a lecture, I helped 5 different groups with their project, and I replied to numerous messages on the internal communications board about it. In general, many don’t really have a clue what their doing and there have not been enough guidance to help them.

Yesterday I also went up to ask the incompetent guy some final questions so I at least was a bit more sure about what we needed to have ready for the presentation tomorrow. While waiting for him to be free an other teacher that’s suppose to grade the SQL part of the project showed up (his room is across the hall). So I took the chance to ask him exactly what he wanted from us. And, not surprisingly, he only wanted about 1/4 of what was listed in our assignment description from incompetent guy.

When I finally got to talk with him, I found out that the more I talked, the less I was to do. When I asked about specific things, some weren’t very important but just to check that we understood the part. And for some other things he thought it was too much to do this and that so it didn’t really matter much. He still didn’t give any clear answer to exactly what was needed though.

To sum it up, there’s been some major faults in the organization of this project, and some even larger faults when it comes to communication between the people responsible for it.

At the moment, I hate school.