Today I walked home from the train while it was snowing. Then, the ground was still too hot for the snow to lay on it just stuck to me and my coat instead. A few hours later, the snow started covering the ground in a white blanket and now we have about 5 centimeters. Winter has come early to my part of Sweden this year, we usually don’t get snow until late December if even then, must be the global warming.

About one and a half hour ago I finished watching a movie, the title is Le scaphandre et le papillon, or in English, The diving bell and the butterfly. This is a very weird translation, as the movie has nothing at all to do with butterflies. I think it’s a case of bad translation as there in the movie is an old style diving suite. You’ve probably seen the suite, usually in copper and brass and with a tube attached for air. So it’s more The diving helmet and the butterfly, guess that didn’t sound as well.

Either way, awesome movie, see it. It’s a biography about Jean-Dominique Bauby, he was editor of Elle when he had a stroke and became fully paralyzed. The only thing he could move was his left eye and he communicated through blinking with it. The movie is based upon a book that he dictated by blinking with his one good eye. Very touching movie and definitely worth your time.