And the semester have ended, it all worked out quite well in the end. I’m still quite a lot disappointed at the institution for the way that they handled the project, I might even write a mail to the prefect. Anyway, semester ended and I now have total vacation for a whopping two days.

I’m not writing to you from a, for me, new operating system. Two days ago I plugged one of my old raptor disks to the laptop over USB and copied out everything I wanted to keep (a whole great pile of junk as well). After that I popped in the Windows 7 beta 1 disc that I had downloaded just before from Microsoft. My first impression was positive, it felt more responsive than Vista and I think the new taskbar might be quite nice once you get used to it. Overall a good impression, until I tried to take it with me into the kitchen. It turns out, that when I remove the power cable something weird happens. If I open a dialog (the start menu for example) or one is already open, the screen goes all funky. It looks like it goes into 4 bit colour depth or something, totally unusable at least.

So after that lovely colour switching which I was unable to fix, I installed windows 2008 instead and it’s working nice. I have not tried to activate it yet though, so can’t give a final answer. I got a legal copy from school, but I can only install it once and I think I’ll keep it for my next workstation reinstall. Anyway, windows 2008 is much like 2003 when it comes to the feel, it has the Vista layout of things though, like the weird control panel and stuff. The way you manage server roles and features also changed a bit, works nicely at least.

Today I also started to watch a new show called “Samantha Who?”. So far I have watched 8 episodes and it’s quite entertaining and nice. It’s about this girl, Samantha, who wakes up from a 8 day coma with amnesia. She remembers all normal stuff like how to read etc. but she’s forgotten everything about herself, family, friends, boy friend and so on. She also seems to have forgot various everyday tasks, like cooking and riding a bike. Either way, it leads to quite a lot of funny and usually awkward situations. Check it out.