Unpractical sleepiness

Last night, I could not sleep (much like now). I think I in total got about 2½-4 hours sleep that night. So today I was very tired in school and I was very tired when I got home. Got up around 8 by the way.

When I got home today, I talked with my parents a bit, had something to eat and then checked up on the Internet (feeds, comics, irc etc.). After that I started coding java, for some (stupid) reason I decided to rest for a short while. Normally, this means I sleep for 3 hours, Today I had however set the clock and I only slept for at most 30 minutes.

Now I’m sitting here writing a blag post in the middle of the night, cause guess what, I can’t sleep. Tomorrow I’m supposed to get up at 8 as well, so I got about 5 hours 20 minutes of tonight left. I know that writing a blag post hardly helps, but just laying awake in the bed is just too damn boring.

This is a very common situation for me, happens regularly. So my question is, why is it super easy to fall asleep during the afternoon. I have no problem with it what so ever, even if I’m not tired I can usually sleep a bit in the middle of the day. But, when I’m supposed to sleep, at evening or night, I have the hardest time ever falling asleep, even if I was tired during the day and evening.

This is seriously annoying. I know people say you should have a regular sleeping pattern and all that, but even so, why am I never tired at the correct moment ?

(Dunno if I already written this once another night.)

Keep doing it

For some reason, I just keep doing it. So what is this that I do? Well, I pretty much always stay up way too long, or sleep to way too late. Staying up way too long becomes a problem as I sometimes have university to attend. And if I have stayed up way too long, I also like to sleep way too late. This, uhm, afternoon, I got up about 12:30. To get 7 hours of sleep, I had to be asleep by midnight. Falling asleep at midnight after a day that has been 11 and a half hours long is tricky business though. So I’m in the everlasting circle of being up too late and getting up too late, one contributing to the other. What I really need is some self dicipline to go up earlier even when I’m free. If I actually manage to do that, I’ll hopefully get tired earlier aswell and go sleep at a decent hour.

I don’t however like to go to bed very much in general, I tend to do stupid things last hour or so before going to bed. Things I really didn’t have to do right then and things that actually give me very litte satisfaction.

Anyway, it’s time to give it another go, even though I’m not that tired. Sleep well and dream of unicorns.