Sony Ericsson

I’m happy to report that I was wrong, there was a chance of getting an employment at Sony Ericsson. I have now been working with a proper employment at Sony Ericsson for over a year. My manager, Jessica, asked me quite early how much school I had left and when she found out that I had none she asked if I want to be put up on the list of interested people. I of course replied that I would like that. She made sure that I understood that it was highly unlikely that I’d get employed as the situation for the company was quite bad. A few weeks later she started pulling string to get me a project employment at Sony Ericsson as she could not offer me a full time employment. It went much smoother as all the people between her and the person actually taking the decision (Main HR person in Lund Office) was on vacation. After two weeks of vacation in end of August I started my employment the first of September 2009. It was a contract for 6 months but the first of March my contract got converted to a full time employment.

At Sony Ericsson I work as a Android software developer in the multimedia department. No, I got nothing to do with Media Scape, and yes, I know it sucks. I work in the layer below the public APIs, formerly with OpenCore but now more and more with Googles mutlimedia framework known as Stagefright. I quite like what I do and I especially like the people at work I do it with. Unfortunately one of the guys I like the most at work will quit shortly to start working for Cybercom and application development instead. Software development might sound quite boring and not very developing, but what I do actually vary quite a lot depending on what project I’m involved in and what phase that project is in.

At the moment I’m in the office in Redwood city, California. The main reason for being here is to develop contacts with the people who always work here. There’s however some other stuff we’re also doing, but I’m not allowed to write about that stuff. I’m running automated tests at the moment so I have a bit of time over to type this stuff. But normally I don’t tend to my personal life from work except for checking my mail now and then. This week has been especially busy here in Redwood with 18 overtime hours in the week. Don’t quite know what it will mount up to as I’m now here on a Sunday as well. I definitely look forward to going home on Friday, I miss Annie a lot. I’ll write a bit more about Redwood when I’m home with my pictures.