I have to admit defeat, my PX-708A have won over me and I no longer have any ideas about what to do. Today I opened the drive, took it apart and looked everywhere on the circuit board for a calibration screw but was unable to find one. I detached all connectors and cleaned them, used canned air to blow away all the dust and finally cleaned the lens with 95% alcohol solution. The behavior after this treatment is identical to the behavior before, so nothing gain, but I didn’t fuck it up either at least.

Next step is to decide what new drive to buy, unless I steal my old 24x CD plextor (can’t recall the model number) from my parents computer. I know it does an excellent job of reading CDs. I mailed plextor about the read offset and over read capabilities of their latest PX-820SA drive. I was amazed of the low price of DVD burners, I expected them to cost a least a little bit more, that plextor I’ll pay 40 € for here, I expected something in the range of 50-70 €. But it goes for pretty much all common hardware, newest models are way cheaper these days than they were 5 years ago.

I never got around to the wordpress update, but got to have something to do tomorrow as well eh ? ;)

Plextor and updates

Seems like WordPress 2.7 have been released so it’s update time tomorrow, hopefully it’s the last one I’ve read that wordpress 2.7 includes auto update, so you just go click one button and it fixes it all for you, really nice in my humble opinion.

Another thing I’m going to do tomorrow is dismantle my Plextor PX-708A drive. For quite some time it have had trouble with reading (and even recognizing) ordinary CDs, both pressed and burned. So tomorrow I’m going to take it apart and look over all mechanic parts. I also read on the cdfreaks forum that a guy with similar problem got rid of them after cleaning the ribbon cable so I’ll try that as well.

I should install opera 10 on my laptop as well, no debian package for it though so guess I’ll be using some weird binary.

I’ll let you know how it all went tomorrow.

Actually, already updated Opera now, just had to add -snapshot to my sources.list and it was all good.