Falsification is the process in science of proving that a theory is incorrect by providing empirical proof that contradicts the theory. This Monday, I falsified my previous post! I yet again spent the evening with the same nice lady but this time there were no bad aftermaths. After I left her place, I sort of expected them, but as time passed I got more and more relieved when they didn’t show up. So I guess I’m left with the unknown reason for feeling like crap from time to time. I’m starting to get really fond of the blue sweatered girl, she’s nice to talk with, has a good sense of humour even if she does not always keep up with what I find interesting and thus funny. Being with her also feels quite demand free, which is really nice.

Today, I went to visit the law, which I probably not have written about in quite some time. She’s been busy, I’ve been busy and thus we have not had the time to meet up much lately. Today was kind of a disappointment. It felt very stale and uninteresting in general, and it does not seem we have that much in common to talk about. Her main interest seems to tell me about her life and especially the things that are a bit weirder, as if she’s seeking approval for still being accepted as normal or something.

Today was also the day the final assignment in the current course was to be handed in. The final lesson in the course is on Tuesday, a 1 hour seminar in smaller groups. As I have behaved well previously on the course, I only need 21 of the 70 points on this final assignment to pass the course. So I feel quite safe that I can put another course behind me, something that feels really good. Unfortunately, this does not mean it’s time for a bit of rest. The bachelor dissertation needs writing and looking at the schedule for the checkpoints and final seminar for it today, I got a bit worried about the time we have for it and getting all the pieces together. The next step for us to do is to decide what we really want to do and formulate a good problem around this. I think we quite agree about where our interest lies, but it needs to fit together with the schools demands as well. I see the most important part as getting a proper structure for working with it though, and I think the best way to get there is to start with proper 40 hours weeks at the office we were promised at the company where we’re conducting the research.

Tomorrow (today) I’m going to purchase a ticket to Sensation the 3:rd of July, so if you fancy meeting me, I’ll be there. It seems like I’m going alone this year. Last year I went with the law, which had both benefits and drawbacks. It’s nice to go with someone, but at the same time you don’t get to meet as much new people, which I really did the first time around when I went alone. Another drawback is also that you get bound to whoever you’re going with, if they’re not in the same mood as you about dancing and relaxing periods, it gets a bit annoying to have to adapt a bit. I had really nice company at Sensation in Copenhagen in November, unfortunately he can’t really afford a trip to Amsterdam this summer. Ticket release tomorrow is at 10:00, so I intend to get up at around 9:30 and fix some breakfast as I know by experience that it can take 1½ hour or more to actually be able to book a ticket.

A whole new one

And 2008 has ended, it is now a whole new year and a whole lot of new adventures ahead. But first, let’s have a look at 2008.

2008 was probably a quite good year, nothing catastrophically bad happened at least. Nothing good really happened either though, it just flowed along. My memory is somewhat failing me as I get old, but had a semester of mainly crap and then a semester of a bit less crap. During the summer I worked, which was quite nice, but not very much free time. There, as usual, came a lot of crap at the end of the year though. Christmas and New Year, never liked them and will most likely never like them, perhaps when (if) I get kids.

Christmas was rather uneventful this year, which suits me fine. Food got eaten, presents got unwrapped. Not as many presents as usual though as us kids wasn’t buying stuff for each other and each others partners. On Christmas day some more food was eaten.

New year, as stated previously I do not like parties all that much, and new year is the super duper mega wonder party day. I didn’t do much, ate some nice food, fired of my 2 fireworks, stayed up way too long watching Merlin and then went to sleep. It’s okay with me, but I do wish I would actually like them parties and have such I nice time I hear other people have. Does not seem to happen though so I’ll stick with doing it modestly.

So, a whole new year. Many people seem to think that a new year is a new start, but in fact, this one just continues where the last one ended. Just cause it’s a new pretty number in our calendar doesn’t mean that anything is different. I don’t say that things can’t be different, but the 17:th of March is as good a break point as new years day is. No new year resolution for me at least.

This coming year is one filled with uncertainties. The first one is if I should try to work alongside my studies or not. I got an offer from a professor at school which sounded somewhat interesting and I might accept if it works out with studies. Secondly there’s my dissertation that I’m supposed to write the second half of the semester. I of course have got no clue whatsoever about what to write about. After that, which would be sometime in beginning of June, I’m done with my education. Then I’m supposed to either work for real, or work for the summer if I decide to study the masters. I have no idea if I want to study the masters or not, and I got no clue at all where I would like to work. For now, I guess I take it as it comes.

Happy new leap second, we now got 34 of them!