I just got myself a free account on Spotify. I first read about Spotify in a Swedish free news paper last week sometime. Today an old friend asked if I had tried it and when he found out that I hadn’t he tossed me an invite. As it’s beta it’s currently it’s not possible to register unless you become a paying customer. My mate is a paying customer and thus received a few invites. Cost 99 SEK per month to be a paying customer, which is about 10 €. When I got a job and a steady income, I will most likely switch over to being a paying customer.

I guess I should say a thing or two about what it is also. It’s a streaming music service, but it has the feel of being on localhost. As soon as you click something, it starts playing instantly. The highest delay I have experienced is about ½ second between request and action. The search engine is awesome for finding things and it replies in less than one second as well. I don’t think I’ll be touching my local music collection much in the upcoming time.

As I’m using a free account there’s commercials integrated between tracks here and there. So far I’ve been hit by commercial twice. First time was some Irish speaking band and the commercial was about Spotify itself. The second time it was a commercial for a new Per Gessle (Swedish artist) that had been released. I’ve probably been listening 1½ – 2 hours by now and have only been hit by adds twice which is totally acceptable in my eyes. The adds are quite modest as well, not very long and not the usual noisy stuff that you get on radio or TV. Anyway, great stuff!