A house, or the house?

Buying a house, it’s not an easy task. We have been looking at quite a few houses by now and there have been a few we have been more interested in than others. So far we have visited two houses a second time and tomorrow we got a third house that we’re going to view a second time. It’s a house located in Västra Karaby which we went to look at last Monday. It’s a single floor building of 142 sqm located on a plot of 2400 sqm. I think both me and Annie are quite happy with the size of the garden, the size of the house is a different matter though.

Our main requirements are 4 bedrooms (1 office + 1 master bedroom + 2 children’s bedrooms). An area for the couch and TV and a dining area that is not in the kitchen. Those two might be combined in a large living room or split up into two separate rooms. We do not want an open plan from the kitchen to the living room. We’d prefer the kitchen a bit sealed of so you can leave it messy after dinner when having visitors without everybody seeing it all the time.

The house in Västra Karaby has all this. The master bedroom is of a good size the three other rooms however are quite small. A bit too small in my opinion. They’re also located right next to the living room so in the future when there might be kids they’ll be sleeping right next to the TV and where you sit and talk with your guests, so the plan isn’t great. After the first visit Annie definitely liked the house better than I did. I fell into a bit of brief depression and anxiety as I often feel that I have too many demands and let Annie down when it comes to the house hunt. However, after some thought and then talking it through with Annie we came to a realization. It’s more important with a house than the correct house.

For us to find the house that we want to spend the rest of our lives in we have to be damn lucky. Even if we think we find it we will most likely be wrong as we never have lived in a house together before. Currently we think we want a large garden, but it might turn out that we think it’s too much work. So we have come to the realization that we are probably going to settle for an okay house with the knowledge that we might leave it again in five years time or something similar. We want to move to a house way more than we want to move to the hundred percent correct house. Got a viewing coming up for a potential house in Veberöd in a weeks time also, if that turns out to not be what we want I think we’ll place a bid on the one in Västra Karaby.


Headache and tired

So I started working again Monday last week. I think it was time for it but I did not expect the toll it would take on me. In the evening when I come home I’m very tired and don’t do more than watch some TV. Which means there haven’t been anything written here. I’m tired today as well but though it was due.

Work is slow and uninteresting at the moment. The only joy in it is meeting the interesting individuals who have not quit yet, but there’s not many left. With the start of work the headaches returned a bit more as I’m actually concentrating for a long period of time. Went to the pharmacy today and picked up some new caffeine pills, I hope they will help a bit as the paracetamol doesn’t help much anymore.

Went to look at another house today. Was quite nice with quite a large garden but I didn’t feel it. And the ceiling in the furnished cellar was so low that my hair touched the roof now and then when I walked. The other rooms for storage and workshop had pipes in the ceiling so lots of things to hit my head in. Don’t think this is a winner either but Annie is still processing a bit.

Now I need my sleep so I can be fairly alive tomorrow.