And now I’m on my way to school. Wrote an exam yesterday and today the next course starts. This one is going to be a project, we get some system specifications and it’s up to us to design and develop it. I couldn’t agree more that this is an important part of my education, actually doing stuff for real and getting comments on it from teachers and class mates. But, why on earth do they place the whole project over Christmas? Today we have 4 hours of lecture, on Monday we have guidance, if we want it. After that there’s nothing till the 4:th of January when there’s another guidance session. Then we’re pretty much supposed to be finished by the 7:th as the next course starts the 8:th. We don’t have to be ready till the 14:th when we’re supposed to show it for professor and be graded, but doing it while doing an other course at the same time isn’t too easy either. Was the same last year, sometimes…. I hate my university!