After I got employed at Sony Ericsson I started to look for a new place to live. It was a bit tricky to get the bank on board as I only had a project employment at the time and the financial crisis had hit Sweden. But switching banks and with the help of my father’s security I managed to get promised a loan so I could buy something for up to 1.5 million SEK. I went to look at quite a lot of places, probably twenty or so of them. Many of them were 2 minutes visits where you more or less instantly knew that you would not like to live there. There were quite a lot of interesting ones as well though and I was involved in bidding on two, or perhaps three, other apartments before I got the one that I currently live in. This was after looking for a few months and I had started to get tired of it, but I think it was good that I didn’t get the first ones I looked and bid at as I’m very happy with where I live now.

So the apartment I got is a single bedroom apartment on the third floor, 70 sqm large and built in 2003. I will post a bunch of pictures of it later when I’m back in Sweden. When looking for the apartment I also wanted to have the possibility for Annie to move in with me if our relationship continued developing in the right direction. She was with me on quite a lot of the viewings and I think that we today are both happy with the apartment.

From the apartment I got about 10-15 minutes on a bike to work depending on the weather. I also go by two different grocery stores on the way home from work so it’s all very nice. As Annie currently works in Malmö though, it’s not quite as practical for her, but I think she still likes where she lives. It’s located in a part of Lund that’s quite close to everything but in a very calm neighbourhood. I got a quite large balcony where Annie grows all kinds of weird things, I only got a chestnut growing out there, but it’s quite small so far.