Chisels & Garden Fork

Last year sometime me and my wife went and visited her grandfather along with her parents. As he is getting old quite a bit of the equipment that he has are things he perhaps should not use anymore. And as we recently bought a house there was quite a lot of equipment that we could have use for. One of the things I picked up was a set of chisels.

Yesterday I tried to sharpen the chisels for the first time. I’ve watched a video over at Paul Sellers youtube channel where he sharpens chisels using wet abrasive paper. It went fairly well but I’ve concluded that the chisels are so beat up that they need re-profiling with a file frist to get out the dents in the edge. Yesterday I sharpened one of the larger ones, as seen on the picture above and the smallest one. I needed the smallest one right away but I wanted to see the result on a larger piece as well. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I need two sets of chisels. One set to actually care for and keep sharp. And one set to abuse which was what I needed one for yesterday.

A few weeks back my wife showed her strength and broke our garden fork. The metal connecting the fork with the shaft gave away. I knew my father had a very old garden fork which has just been standing for the last decade which had a broken wooden shaft. So I went to pick it up with the ambition to make one working out of the two broken ones. I removed the wooden handle on both of them by removing the pins going through the metal and wood with a drill bit. The very old handle unfortunately broke down in the metal casing. This is where I used the smallest chisel to try to get rid of the old material. After digging a bit I noticed that the old garden fork will never break in the same way the new one did as it had a piece of forged metal sticking up into the shaft. This also meant that the old and the new didn’t fit together very well. I tried to put them together anyway but the result was poor at best. I’d like to buy a new handle and fit the old one some day, but today we bought a new Fiskars garden fork instead as we need it today or tomorrow at latest and I don’t have time to try to fix the old stuff.