A watched pot never boils

So I’m currently home ill with a cold waiting for the phone to ring. As people close to me probably know I still work at Sony Mobile and a while ago it was announced that the Lund site should reduce its headcount with 1000 people. With about 2300 people working in Lund it’s a very big cut.

With the ongoing transformation the whole organization is overhauled and every employee has gotten to express where in the organization they would like to be. I’m currently waiting for phone call from the part of the organization I would like to be in. The waiting is painfully slow.

If it does not pan out with this phone call I think I will still have somewhere to be though. Yesterday a different manager than my own called me and asked what I wanted to do, so there seem to be quite some intrested of keeping me in the company. It would however only make sense to try to keep me in the company as they have already selected me twice as 5% of the workforce for the talent management programme. The programme aims to cultivate talents and grow them for future needs of the company.

Now I’ll power of this computer again and read a bit in “Caves of Steel” which Emma, a colleague and friend, bought for me to read quite a while ago.

Let’s see if that phone ever rings…