Finishing what’s started

About three weeks ago I went to my fathers place and took down most of an apple tree that he had for many years. It was located right at the corner of the house and only about ~60 centimeters away from the house. It has become so large now that he was afraid that it might affect the foundation of the house. It was a decorative tree called Spring Snow as it blooms intensively during the spring with white flowers. However, the bloom is fairly brief and this year father missed it totally when he was abroad.

I cut down all the leafy branches and what was remaining of the tree was the trunk and the larger branches that forms the base of the tree. I gathered quite a pile on his driveway with the intention to load it on Ingemar’s trailer and drive it to the dump with my father. My fathers car don’t have any towing hook so we’d have to borrow Ingemar’s work car as well. It however had a hick-up with the belt so it got postponed. My father was going to visit my sister in France leaving the following weekend so we discussed taking it to the dump during the week. When calling him later in the week he said that he didn’t feel he had time and energy to drive it to town so he would just drag it out in the forest that he lives next to instead. As it’s not my house, not my neighbour forest I just said “fine, do what you want” and let it be.

The day before yesterday I went out to my father again as my sister, with family, had arrived for her summer stay from Paris. The pile was still there in his driveway and had not been touched at all. This is not uncommon at all for my father, he starts something, or says he will finish something but rarely does. He got all sort of plans for all sort of things he has, the house and the garden but not much of it gets done. A good proof of this is the path leading up to the house that has been work in progress for the past 15 years. About five years ago he bought stones for it, while he was away on vacation me, Natalie and Ingemar did the plateau up by the house that the path will lead up to. He wasn’t entirely satisfied as he’s very picky so we don’t want to do the rest as you get complains instead of gratitude for helping out.

The two past days I took down the rest of the tree except for a stump, split and piled most of the wood. Me and Ingemar cut his two hedges and we loaded the old pile of tree branches as well as the freshly cut hedge pieces on his trailer.

I guess my father might notice how much I do for him when I get my own garden to work in instead.

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