Currently sitting in the car at the train station in Lund waiting for my father to arrive. When he does in about 20 minutes I’m going to drive him home, which takes about 25-30 minutes and then drive back home again. I won’t be in bed until past midnight. I tried to sleep a bit in the evening but didn’t succeed. I’m quite bad at sleeping in evening or afternoons when I’m supposed to. I however don’t have any problem at all to fall asleep in the evening, or even better afternoon, when I’m not supposed to. Good thing the first meeting isn’t until 9:30 tomorrow.

Today I had lunch with a group of people from work where I used to work with some of them before in an assignment past. Unfortunately the three guys I liked most and spent most time with have quit or moved site by now, but the ones left aren’t bad either compared to my own section. There are also two new guys in the group and I like one of them quite a lot. I think I’ll try to arrange to have lunch with them more often as there’s interesting discussions during lunch time and it keeps my spirits up a bit for the afternoon.

Currently working with a defect that seems to only be testable in Japan. When I have made a software build it takes the guy in Tokyo 4 hours to download it from Lund. Now that’s efficient working!

Headache and tired

So I started working again Monday last week. I think it was time for it but I did not expect the toll it would take on me. In the evening when I come home I’m very tired and don’t do more than watch some TV. Which means there haven’t been anything written here. I’m tired today as well but though it was due.

Work is slow and uninteresting at the moment. The only joy in it is meeting the interesting individuals who have not quit yet, but there’s not many left. With the start of work the headaches returned a bit more as I’m actually concentrating for a long period of time. Went to the pharmacy today and picked up some new caffeine pills, I hope they will help a bit as the paracetamol doesn’t help much anymore.

Went to look at another house today. Was quite nice with quite a large garden but I didn’t feel it. And the ceiling in the furnished cellar was so low that my hair touched the roof now and then when I walked. The other rooms for storage and workshop had pipes in the ceiling so lots of things to hit my head in. Don’t think this is a winner either but Annie is still processing a bit.

Now I need my sleep so I can be fairly alive tomorrow.

Two strikes

Our dream home didn’t show itself today either.

One house was too expensive considering the amount of work that still needed to be done. The other house was quite alright but the garden was too small. Might have been enough with the house closer to the street, but think the garden would have been to small either way. We also did some scouting and had a peek at the house we’re going to look at on Tuesday. We also had a short walk in a park right next to the house we’re to look at and it seemed nice.

The hunt continues….

Garden, I want one

Yesterday me and Annie drove to Flyinge Plantshop to see if they had a Magnolia Galaxy. Ever since we visited Kiviks Esperöd Arboretet in May two years ago my father have wanted one. It blooms with huge flowers in the spring. Flyinge Plantshop is a very nice place with lots of plants to look at as well as a small show garden. We booked one of the two Galaxies they had for pickup next weekend. My father is currently in England and my sister didn’t want to sign up for caring for it until he comes back home in about ten days.

After our visit at Flyinge Plantshop we drove on to Norrvidinge HandelsträdgÃ¥rd which is a much smaller but still significant place. They got a bunch of large greenhouses where you can by various flowers, herbs and vegetables. Here Annie bought two plants of cocktail tomatoes, two deep purple petunias and a sunflower. We also bought two cucumber plants for my sister. It’s quite a nice place which doesn’t feel quite as capitalized as Plantagen which we have in Lund. You would however expect as much as it’s just outside at tiny village in the countryside. They also sell vegetables which usually is of good quality, especially the cucumbers and tomatoes which they grow themselves.

Final stop was an even smaller place which is an old farm with a few greenhouses out on the fields. I don’t know the name of the place and I doubt it has a web page but it’s located here. We didn’t buy anything here but it was good to know that it existed for future adventures.

After these three visits my and Annie’s desire for house and garden have grown even more. We’re going to try to find one today by going to look at two houses.

The trip ended at my sisters where we made rhubarb pie from her own rhubarbs. It was delicious! I’ll definitely have some rhubarbs in my own garden some day.

Today Annie is going to do some more gardening on the balcony, planting the tomatoes and finishing the flower arrangements.

Magnolia Galaxy
Magnolia Galaxy

Lumbar puncture

The past two weeks have not been the best of my life. Monday two and a half weeks ago I got sudden and intensive headache. It was like nothing I ever had experienced before with the pain going from zero to nine in less than a second. It was very uncomfortable and I had to steady myself on the walls as I did not know what was going on. It went down to a seven quite rapidly and over the next two days it was nearly gone. Wednesday afternoon the same week I got home from work and climbed the stairs from the garage to the apartment (5 floors) rather rapidly. The headache returned from a one to a nine during the course of about ten seconds.

I called the medical advice line that we got in Sweden and they advised me to go to the emergency at the local hospital. When there they checked my neural functions like sense, sight, ability to move and speak. No problem there but as the headache had come so very sudden they wanted to make sure I did not have brain hemorrhage and thus ordered me a CT scan of the head. After a lot of waiting a doctor came to see me shortly before midnight with information that the CT scan was clean. We expected it to be clean as we had waited for several hours. Although as I came in more than 6 hours after the first headache the CT was not conclusive so they also wanted to do a lumbar puncture and check my spinal fluid for red blood cells.

When doing a lumbar puncture they insert a needle into your back at the base of the spine and extract some spinal fluid. They first put a local anesthesia so you won’t feel as much when they go in with the needle. It only numbs the surface though and it feels slightly painful in a very weird way as the pain is inside you opposed to applied to the surface of you. Very weird feeling!

After the procedure that took about twenty to thirty minutes you are advised to lay on  your back for at least one hour to reduce the chance of getting a headache which apparently was one of the side effects of the lumbar puncture as you get an under pressure in your central nervous system. The fluid was clean and the doctor prescribed some painkillers and sent me home at around 2 am.

I and Annie walked home to our apartment which is about 1 km from the hospital. We had to take it fairly slow but it was doable without problem. The next morning I woke up with a slight headache which increased if I sat or stood, so I spent the day laying in bed, preferably on my back. At the moment I thought that this was a bit of the headache that the doctor mentioned and that it would be better tomorrow. The next day when I was going to the toilet in the morning I vomited due to the intenseness of the headache. After that I called Annie and she came home from work.

Annie called the medical advice line and got the number to the non-emergency ambulance dispatch. They came about 30 minutes later and had a look at me and concluded that they didn’t want to drive me to the hospital as there as nothing emergent with me. They left me with instructions to eat and drink properly and said that the headache from the lumbar puncture could last for a few days. An hour or so later we had arranged for a authorization for Annie to collect medicine that was prescribed to me and I got to start eating my pain killers.

Life was still a misery Friday through Sunday but at least I did not vomit again when going to the toilet. Annie took care of me a lot, making food, making sure I had water to drink, talking with me and so on. Unfortunately Monday evening I ran out of the prescribed pain killers and Tuesday morning I was feeling like crap with a really bad headache again. After first talking with my health center and then the medical advice line Annie called for a sick transport to the emergency at the hospital.

They did pretty much the same thing as last time when I got there and I indeed had no impairment on my neurological abilities. The guy rolled me into a room fairly quickly and soon thereafter two neurologist students came. They asked me a lot of questions, did even more neurological tests like looking at the bottom of my eyes and checking for feeling of touch at many more places. After a while they were content and would go consult with their tutor.

Shortly thereafter the tutor came and had a brief look at me as well to determine that the students hadn’t missed something and they concluded that I was suffering from post-puncture headache. They had also seen in the blood they had taken that I was a bit dehydrated with as you probably know does not help the headache go away. She ordered a liter of infusion for me to get me hydrated again, gave me some pain killers on the spot and prescribed some new ones as well as caffeine pills. Apparently caffeine should help with this type of headache and as I neither drink coffee nor coke she prescribed pills instead. She also gave me way better instructions of how to take the pills along with normal paracetamol pills to get a good effect. It was really nice to speak with a proper neurologist as it was evident she knew more than the doctor I had seen last time I was in. She told me that the headache would for certain go away, it could take up to weeks until it’s fully gone though. She also told me that young people have a worse time and that tall people seem to suffer more than shorter. I seem to have hit the jackpot. Took a taxi home with Annie about two or three hours after we got there.

That was one week and three days ago. After one or two days I could start laying on my side in addition to my back and stomach which really felt great in the misery I lived in. I ran out of pain killers again on Monday this week but I can now make due with 1 gram of paracetamol as well as the caffeine pills. Soon a new problem arose though, I was getting increasingly bored due to the fact that I was getting better but still couldn’t leave the bed for any longer duration. Spent a lot of time reading the second book in the Game of Thrones series and started to learn French online.

Three days ago was the first time I left my apartment. Me and Annie went for a walk to the local cemetery to have a look at the blooming magnolia tree. The tree is probably about 500 meters away and we had to stop two of three times on the way there to sit on a bench and rest a bit. The day after I spent at home resting but yesterday I again ventured outside into the real world and went shopping for plants for the balcony. Annie does all the driving and I mainly follow along at my own pace so far. It went okay though so I’m feeling better. I also only took pills in the morning yesterday which seems to be enough. Today I again woke up with a headache but if I take the pills it’s gone after about 30 minutes and I think I will be able to last the whole day now.

The plan is to go back to work on Monday. Wednesday was my last day as sick listed by the doctor but as yesterday is a national holiday and today is a free day at work due to collective agreement I in effect don’t start work again until Monday. I think it will be alright to go back to work Monday. My intention now is to take it easy at least the rest of May with no excessive physical activity. After that I intend to do something physical and see if I get a headache again. If so I still got my original problem which was why I went to the emergency to start with. If so I need to go to my health center and get a referral to someone who can do more studies of what’s wrong in my head.

To sum it up, doing a Lumbar Puncture has probably been one of the worst physical experiences of my life and is nothing I would recommend to anyone unless they really, really need it.