I have concluded that I forget to write my posts here all the time. It’s quite often that I feel that I want to write something when I am somewhere, but then I forget to do it when I’m home. Perhaps I should install wordpress on my cellphone and write posts from there.

Anyway, what I wanted to write about this time was my visit to Helsingborg last week where I, my sister and my father went to see a concert played by the symphony orchestra. I don’t usually go and listen to the symphony orchestra but this time they were playing movie music. It was really nice, I especially liked Gabriella’s SÃ¥ng from SÃ¥som i Himmelen but it’s always impressive to the music from Star Wars and James Bond. Unfortunately the concert hall in Helsingborg isn’t very good, not anywhere as good as the one in Malmö. The concert as in short very nice, but I still think I like JoyStick 3.0 better. It was a concert by Malmö Symfoniorkester where they played music from computer games, but new and old.

Gran Canaria

Today I got home from Gran Canaria. I went over there the 6:th of November and it did not start very well at all. When the plane had parked at the gate the personal on the aircraft announced that iberia that handles everything on the airport was unsatisfied with their working conditions and thus had decided to do everything very slowly this fine Saturday. It started with the lack of stairs for the plane so we could exit if. After about 10 minutes we got one for the back door and after about 5 additional minutes we also got a stair for the front door.

That weren’t too bad we though and happiy boarded the bus that took us to the terminal. The bad part was that we had to wait for four hours for our luggage. We picked it up on two seperate belts and it was not announced anywhere where the luggage actually would arrive. At least we were lucky, some people didn’t get their luggage until three days later. After we collected our luggage we tried to board a bus heading towards the hotel. The whole bus departure was very badly organized by Fritidsresor whom we were travelling with. We finally reached our hotel a few hours later than expected.

When we arrived at the hotel we checked in, looked at the watch and concluded that we hadn’t eaten in about 12 hours. As we were on an all inclusive trip we just stashed our bags in the room and headed towards the restaurant. Inside the restaurant it looked great, lots of things to choose from, nice setting and lots of waiters. And that’s where it ended, it looked great. The food on the other hand wasn’t of very good quality and it seemed like the chefs didn’t really care about making good tasting food. Everything was so-so and nothing really impressed us. After a week at this hotel we actually want to cook our own food so we can eat something that actually taste good and isn’t over cooked. The only exception to this was the romantic dinner we attended on the Tuesday. It was not great, not like eating at a restaurant in Sweden, but it was at least better than what we had every other day. After the dinner we fell asleep quite rapidly as we had been awake since three in the morning.

The following days we in general spent sunbathing, bathing and reading. We in short did a whole lot of relaxing. We went swimming both in the Atlantic and in the pools at the hotel. The Atlantic had about the same temperature as Öresund in Sweden has in the middle of the summer. It’s however has a much higher level of salt in the water so it stings a bit in your eyes if you have them open while diving. Back home in Öresund it’s a perfect level of salt in the water for diving, too bad it’s a bit chilly to swim there for quite a large part of the year. One of the days we played 18 holes of minigolf. We were tied at the last hole but I finally won over Annie with a few strikes.

We lived in an area that’s called Taurito. Calling it a village would be wrong as there’s no natives living there. It was tourism deluxe. It consisted of about 10 different hotels, a beach, a splashland, one restaurant and a few shops. We definitely heard Swedish every day. One day we went over to the closest actual village Peurto de Mogan which was about 5-10 minutes away with the bus. There was a bit of the original village and housing left, but it was obvious that tourism had made it’s mark.

The last day before we were to go home we decided to go on a trip up in the mountains. We were picked up by the bus close to our hotel at 7:40 in the morning. We hadn’t been up this early for several days. The bus then drove around and collected about 35 people from various hotels along the coast. Our end stop with the bus was a small village called Santa Lucia. The trip there went on the edge of the cliffs for large parts and Annie didn’t really like the bus ride up there. When the bus went around corner the driver honked his horn to let people on the other side know that he was coming, it was impossible to see.

The village of Santa Lucia was an authentic Gran Canarian village about 800 meter above sea level. Here we had a stop for people to go to the loo and have a drink. I had some freshly pressed orange juice, which was a nice change from the juice I got from the machine in the restaurant at the hotel. From Santa Lucia we started walking up in the mountains. We had our lunch that we had brought ourselves at a height of about 1250 meters with a splendid view.

We continued pushing a bit higher and crossed the ridge at somewhere between 1300 and 1400 meters. It was a steep climb and quite an effort to walk 500-600 height meters. On the other side of the ridge we continued on the side of the ridge down into a valley. It was quite steep and quite beautiful. Annie had her new camera with her and all the pictures below is taken with her Nikon. When we reached the floor of the valley we could not believe the path we had walk down, it seemed impossible to walk on a slope that steep.

We finished up with some drinks and ice cream at a restaurant in the valley. The restaurant was cut into the mountain and was the work of a single man. He had help of two others a few times but overall it took him between 11 and 13 years to cut out the restaurant. The tables were made of stone and were actually leftovers of the original rock and thus not possible to move. The bus back was less thrilling as it was just at the bottom of the valley and then on the highway.

Today we left the hotel shortly after 9 and now I’m sitting at the airport waiting for a go to gate announcement on the monitors. I don’t look forward to the 5½ hour flight at all. I’ll post this when I get home where I easier can resize the pictures and actually have an internet connection.

Over all, I had a great week with Annie on Gran Canaria!