Yesterday, and the day before, I started writing a post. After the first sentence I stopped, unable to continue writing. It is a kind of weird feeling, having something to write, but just not capable of putting it into words. That post I’ve decided to let rest and see what happens in the future before I eventually write it.

Now I’ll instead write of something that happened in November, and that I have intended to write about for quite a while. I don’t think the person it’s about reads this, but if she does… oh well…

It’s about this lady I know over the internet. She lives quite a bit away so I never met her in real life. I think it’s 3 years since I started speaking with her now, and I quickly grew fond of her. For a while she was probably the one closest to me, when it came to knowing things about me and how I was doing. She was the one I could tell things without getting pity, annoying comments and so on, something you get a lot from people otherwise. Since sometime last year, we have been drifting apart a bit, I really do like speaking with her though. Since November last year, I have intentionally spoken less with her though. This is a dialog we had last November.

her: i dont know..this conversation made me feel worse than if i didnt talk to you
me: sorry about that
her: see..thats why i never actually ping you when i have something to say
her: i didnt mean to be rude..
me: you’re not
me: I am
her: its just i used to take everything you say so seriously..i do nwo too
her: why would you be,silly you
me: cause I started talking with you about something bad
her: its not a matter of choosing a subject
her: its just you
her: always was

What does one responde to that?!