Lately I’ve been wanting to use linux more and more, windows slightly annoys me more and more. I only run linux on my laptop and I really wish it had a greater resolution for it’s monitor. It’s somewhat hard to code somewhat complex stuff on 1024 x 768 resolution. It’s not a very surprising resolution though considering the 12.1” screen. It whould however be awesome with 1280 x 1024 for a laptop of this size. I’m not about to buy a new laptop though, I don’t really hate the money, the need ain’t that great and I want some further development of laptops before I buy a new one. For a start I want increased battery time, if I recall correctly, the newest Dell laptops have some new battery technology. Then I want the higher resolution of the monitor, which isn’t seen today as far as I know. And finally I want it to weight a bit less than this one that weights in at 1.8 kg with battery. Will probably take 3 years or so before I’m happy to buy a new one.

Recently I had an exam in my old course, which went fine by the way, at least I think I passed it. I also started a new course. This new course is database design which I so far find quite interesting. The previous course was interaction design, which also was very interesting but unfortunately the professor is not. His lectures are so insanely boring and he just loves to talk, quite often about things that lack relevance. The professor we got in the new course seems to be the opposite. I only had him once so far, but he stop every now and then and want audiance interaction. Want verification, joke around a bit without using excessive amounts of time and make the class enter a ”feel nice” mode. I think this course will be both interesting and quite fun to attend. The previous course had quite nice litterature by the way, I have not checked this one out yet.

I usually sit in my bed when I write in this blag, usually right before I’m going to bed which you probably have been able to figure out from the timestamps. I turn of all the lights in the room, turn down the monitor to a minimum and plug in my usb light to get some light on the keyboard. I don’t really need a light for the keyboard when writing this, but I need it for hitting the correct numbers and f-buttons. As this laptop is quite narrow, the keyboard isn’t fullsize and I still haven’t been able to automate the typing of the buttons I use a bit less. My password include quite a few of those buttons so I usually have the light for easy usage. I think I’ll put some dark tape on it tomorrow though, or perhaps paint it with a dark marker. Not the actual light that goes to the keyboard of course, but it is bright on the sides aswell where it’s just annoying for the eyes and don’t project any light in the correct direction.

Tomorrow I don’t start work until mid afternoon, so I’m going to try to get out of bed at a somewhat decent hour and get some php work out of the way. I’ve already decided what I’m going to buy with the income I get from the php work. I’m going to buy a nice tube lamp to have over my desk so I finally will get some proper lighting on it. It costs a few thousand Swedish Kronor (few hundred euros, 250-350 perhaps) but as I’m going to put it down as ”things for the office” I can buy it with money before social stuff and taxes, so won’t be that expensive in the end.

Now I’ll go sleep before the clock becomes too much, laptop updated yet again (running debian lenny) and gPHPEdit installed for future coding sessions.

Oh, by the way. Was at work today aswell, which sucked. I was so damn bored as things weren’t working and I had to wait for people to fix things. Out of the five hours I was there, effective work time was somewhere between 2 and 2½ hours. Sucks!

Good night!

A while ago

Today have been a really shitty day, so I’ll write about something else.

A while ago, don’t quite know how long ago, perhaps a month, maybe two. I was at this birthday party for a friend of mine. As I have written before, I am no big fan of parties. This one was semi-different though. Usually, when at a party, there’s a horde of people I don’t know, people I usually don’t want to get to know either. This usually leads to me getting bored very rapidly. This time, for some reason, it was different. At this party, there was about 16-20 people in total, of them, I knew 3 and had met 4 previously. The third guy that I had met but didn’t know I didn’t like very much either. I don’t quite know what made this party different, but it took me several hours to get bored. It might have to do with that I actually had some sane people to talk with this time around.

I don’t want say that I’m superior in any way, it’s just about different kind of people. But there was quite a few educated people at this party, which there usually isn’t that many of. The friend and his girlfriend are both engineers in construction thingies, he’s sister is currently studying to become an architect. Interesting people to talk with is a large part of my fun side of parties, getting wasted isn’t really my thing. Anyway, I had quite a nice time.

Now you might suggest that I should go to ”intellectual” parties. Problem is that I like the people in the slim part in the middle. The ones who knows stuff and you can have a interesting conversation with. But not the ones who think they know much and think they are better than other people. I really dislike them a whole lot. I might try to hang out with the guy and his girlfriend more though, as I kind of like them both.

I probably just need to meet more people that I actually like hanging around with. Hard to find… hard to find…

Suming it up

So it’s been a while, I’m actually checking now as I write how long it’s been. I’m currently working on a GPRS connection and I’m downloading some drivers for my wifi card, so will probably take a few minutes before I actually know how long it has been since my last post. My download is going rocket fast at 5 kb/s at least. Which gives me about 12 minutes to write before it’s done. I guess it must be at least a month since I wrote the last time, not that it matters much, very little have happened in that last month.

I’ll begin with school. Last Friday I got my exam ack which I passed with hovering colours. Next Friday is the next exam. Otherwise school is as it usually is, quite boring, not very interesting and in general quite sucky. The only good part of this latest course is the litterature which actually is quite interesting. I haven’t got any spell checking installed on this (writing in openoffice under debian) so this post will most likely have some errors. It’s not that I can’t spell and if I can’t I usually look it up, but it’s half three in the morning and I never read my posts before publishing them. At the moment we got a group assignment in school aswell. I never really liked group assignments very much, but at least I get to spend some time with a nice lady this time around. She’s a few years younger than me but still very mature, I quite like her actually, too bad she’s already taken.

Over to work, which I don’t do very much at the moment. My summer employment of course ended, and the work that I had during last semester is almost gone. This week there were 3 slots in total, last semester there used to be about 80 slots over a week. Needless to say, actually getting them three slots are quite hard. I have some freelance work that I do though, so some money should still arrive. I don’t like web coding very much, it’s boring, the whole non-persistent connection thingy is annoying and it usually comes with sucky graphics. But it’s what people want done and hence I guess it’s that I’ll do to bring some money in. After all, money good. So far it’s just been a thing for one company, but they contacted me again and I’m doing some more work for them now. One of my old online friends also asked if I perhaps could do some stuff for his and his friends company. Not totally decided there yet though, so I guess we’ll see.

Heading for the social context then. Well, not very much of that really, visit my friend who lives down over there now and then. Not all that much lately actually. I’ve had 2 visits at home from another friend though, which is quite nice as it’s been a long time since last. Previous to that, which happened this weekend. I think the last time someone visited me was for midsummer. I might be wrong, but at least that’s the last time someone else than him visited me. Then again, I don’t really invite people over either, and I live at a location that’s somewhat troublesome to reach.

Seems like my download is done, I might write more later…

There we go, just 10 or so minutes later. My WLAN is again working in debian.

I think my biggest problem these days is time management. It seems like I never have enough time to do the things that I want to do. I think the main cause of this is all the time that I spend doing nothing. I am a master at just sitting by the computer, chatting a bit, checka a few rss feeds, perhaps reading a blag and slowly just let the time pass by. I could have been doing either something constructive, or something way more entertaining. I got a whole horde of movies and tv shows to watch, but I usually don’t, cause I rather do something productive. But I can’t find the energy and motivation to be productive, so I usually just end up doing nothing instead. This is quite a common problem for me, I should really try to do something about it. Not it’s time for sleep at least, as the time is getting close to 4am. Have a nice one everybody, or at least you one or two who actually reads this crap.

Seems I even managed to update my Opera to 9.6 here without even noticing it. Linux is so much nicer than windows at times. Quite a lot of times actually.

(I wonder if this will get a different font, style, etc. from my normal posts)