Today I went to a party; I hadn’t been out in a while so I thought I’d give it a try. As expected, I didn’t like it much. I don’t go out much in general, mainly because I don’t like people very much. When I do go out, I usually regret it afterwards. I guess I mainly go out so I won’t be one of those who never ever leave their home. I actually usually don’t like visiting “friends” that much either. I think both these things have their root in lack of common interests. I usually end up “alone”, nobody to talk with, and when I do have someone to talk with, we usually run out of subject quite fast. The things that interest me are rarely subjects for parties. And the subjects at parties are usually useless crap that I don’t give a shit about. To sum it up, people are stupid and I didn’t like the party I went to today.

But then there’s the other kind of parties, the kind that I like very very much. The kind where I don’t have to give a fuck about anyone, where you can speak with anyone you fancy and where we all are alike even though we all are different. What I’m now speaking of are the huge events, specifically Sensation which I’ve been to twice now. Last year I went to Sensation Black, which I wrote a post about long ago, this year I went to Sensation White. I personally liked Sensation White better than Black, but it’s really just flavour of music. They are both totally awesome when it comes to the people and the atmosphere.

When I went to Black a year ago, I went alone. Took the plane from Sweden down to Amsterdam and found my way to the Arena. People who I spoke with at Sensation thought it was very cool for some reason that I had come “all the way from Sweden” just to go to Sensation and that I was travelling alone. This year I went with a friend from class, and down in Amsterdam I met a guy who I’ve spoken a bit to on the net and his partner. So there were four of us going together (more or less). I don’t quite know what I liked better actually. To go alone and be free to do totally what you want. Or go with someone and enjoy their company. The one from my class I like quite a bit and it was quite nice to have her along, the two others I definitely could have been without and still be happy. There’s a bit downside to not going alone though. I didn’t get to really meet up with any new people, talk with strangers and in general be the weird Swedish guy who travels alone.

I’m quite sure I’ll go down next year too, perhaps not for Sensation but some similar event. I also read on the page that Sensation was “coming soon” to Copenhagen, which is quite a lot closer. I’ve thought about going to something like Glastonbury also, but I don’t know if I’ll like the “camping” life very much, it’s a shorter duration though so I guess it will be okay.

In about 20 days I start a new semester at school. This semester will probably be quite relaxed as I think I know quite a bit of it already. I just don’t have any papers on the fact that I do. This is the second to last semester for me before I get my Bachelor of Science. I don’t quite know how it will be the last semester. As I have read some stuff before this program, I get to skip semester 4 and 6; so when I start semester 5, the rest of my class will start semester 4, which means that I’ll be alone in a new class. It’s not very practical as it’s the semester when I’m supposed to write my dissertation. For some reason, at my faculty it’s normal to write the dissertation in pairs and then it won’t be optimal to be in a new class without a clue about who’s good to work with and not. I think it will go okay thought; I will make it go okay otherwise.

After I’m done with my Bachelor of Science I don’t quite know what I want to do. If some interesting job comes along I’ll probably work a bit, get some working experience which is very important to get more work later on. If not, I might continue my studies towards a Master degree. Either way, I have one more year to think about it. I think I want to go work in England though when I’m done, probably London. I really want to be better at speaking English than what I am, and I really want a better English accent to it. And the best place to accomplish this is of course in England.

I really would like to speak with the Belgian girl again, why did I have to fuck that up…

Now I think I’ll go sleep, or code some php, we’ll see. Here’re some pictures!