Summer “holidays”

I’ve been bad; I had decided that I should start writing in my blog again when my laptop got freed up again. But that was about a week ago and still no post. The reason for this is my work mainly. I go up shortly before 6 am and get home 5 pm at earliest. When home I need to eat and some other stuff that mortals do, and hence there’s not that much time over for fun and play. I used to always write the blog posts in bed, right before turning the light out. But these days, I can’t do that, as I really really need those precious hours of sleep.

Anyway, I finally found a time slot to write some, I’m currently sitting on a train station with my mobile internet connection. Chatting a bit, browsing a bit and now writing a bit. I got approximately 15 minutes till I get off the train at my home station, so I should at least be able to put down a bit in here.

First of I should probably mention that I got a summer employment at a high-tech company. During the summer I’m doing a project for them which involve developing test cases in java. As they are undermanned during the summer though, I will also do day to day work when there’s a bit too much for the other employees to handle. It doesn’t really pay very well, and there’s a bit much to do at times; but at least it quite interesting and it’s very good on my future job application. A bonus is of course that a friend of mine is my boss, so no trouble with a shitty manager at least.

As you probably figured out, school has ended for this semester. I’ve done a full year now at this university so I’m probably half the way. At least I’m half the way to the Bachelor of Science unless school fucks something up. The reason I can do it in 2 years instead of the normal 3 is because I’ve already done 1 year worth of the courses before. At the time, I just took some courses to have something to do, but now, I’m really happy I did. I don’t quite know if I’m going to stick with Bachelor of Science or if I’m going for a Masters as well. It largely depends on if I get any interesting job offerings around the end of the Bachelor semester.

Time to sign off, at least some got put down, and it shouldn’t take that long till the next post now. Will probably be about Sensation!