Them standards

It’s been a while since I tried to do a webpage, I had forgotten the pain of different browsers rendering things in different fashions. I wonder if doing web pages will ever become easy. Not easy as very simple to do for seriously retarded people, but easy as there’s not 2000 exceptions to the “rules” of web design. Coding the backend for the webpages are quite fun though, all the pretty functions that communicate with the happy sql server and stuff. You can of course make very nice looking webpages by absolute positioning, but it kind of voids my view of it all, to be able to make a page that’s dynamically resizable and stuff like that.

Started new class last week or so, studying law and fortunately the teacher is kick-ass. Quite a lot of laughing going on at the lectures, but it’s still very serious and learn lots of stuff. Think it might become useful in private life also even though it’s not the aim of the class. Last lecture is in mid/end of May, and then the exam isn’t till beginning of June so there will be lots of time to either study or work, depending on if I get any work.

While on the work topic, it’s the 10:th of May and I still haven’t heard about my potential work for the summer. It kind of sucks that they delay it this much so you haven’t got much clue at all about what will happen or not. I really really hope I’ll get the job, as I quite need the money. Besides that I think I actually would have quite a lot of fun working there also.

Just downloaded Eclipse (Java IDE). I have never used it before, but I heard that they use it on a lot of companies so I thought I’d dig into it a bit so I get familiar with it. I don’t quite know what I’m going to do yet, but I think I’ll go for them tls sockets and connect with the other stuff I already got.

I must say I wonder a bit where things will go with me and the lady I visited today, we’re becoming quite close friends and we speak of quite personal stuff. She made it quite clear that she’s not interested in anything more, she however doesn’t always act totally in that sense. I on the other hand am not sure if I would want more even if it was there to get. Either way I usually have a very nice time when meeting her in private settings. Today she got to know the a bit more dark sides of me, filled in some gaps in how my life’s been the last few years and so. I meet her at school quite often but it’s not quite the same thing. There’s probably a whole bunch of people in school that think we’re together also, but not like I ever cared about what people think before, so why start now ?!

They never come alone

Today I’ve had quite a nice day, a relaxed one, haven’t done much at all actually. This post I intended to write about 24 hours ago, but I was so damn tired and the time was quite a lot of late so I decided to go straight to bed instead.

Yesterday was “valborg”, it’s a Swedish spring thingy. It originates from burning of witches but these days it’s more a celebration of springtime. At most places, valborg isn’t very important, but in a university city, it’s all the more important as it’s the last time before summer holidays that all the students parties together. Next time is midsummer, but the the students have split up, some gone home and some gone elsewhere; hence valborg is huge in university cities.

Yesterday I spent the day and afternoon with a few thousand other students, Me and a gal from class, the gal I visit from time to time, had gone down in the park to find some other people from class. It took quite some while since contact with cell phones wasn’t working and there was so much people so sift through to find the ones you wanted. Either way, found him after a while and hung out with him, his girlfriend and some of their friends. I’ve never before started drinking this early in the day I think, don’t quite know when we got there, but it was not after 15:00 and before 16:00 I’ve had a few jägermeister. It felt quite a lot of weird to be drinking this much, when it was middle of the day and all. My friend, not the gal but the guy we got to visit there, had a bit too much jäger and his girlfriend started having a bit of trouble with him. The plan was that we were supposed tWo go with them from the park to his girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriends place. As things were moving so slow, me and the girl started talking with an other girl from our class instead while they got my friend ready for departure. They were supposed to tell us when they left, they however never did. So when the girl from class and her friends were about to leave, we turned around and noticed that we had been abandoned.

Instead we followed our “new” friends back to their place at student housing thingy. There we stayed till late in the evening as we had to get back to train station before they lock it up at midnight. Had a very nice time here, met some new people and got to know people I already met better. Was a lot of talking, and quite a bit of drinking, here we changed to tequila instead though, and as you probably know, a tequila shot never comes alone ;)

Over all a very nice time spent with a bunch of quite nice people. I also got to see some new sides of people I knew since before as I’ve never been out with them before. I also think that quite a lot of people got a brand new idea of who I am, as I before was regarded as kind of nerdy and someone who wouldn’t drink at all or very little. Guess they know better now, not that showing them wrong was my goal. I just happen to not party all that often, and almost not at all in the standard clubbing fashion.