Servers and the Law

Well, now a few days later, a week or so perhaps, I can conclude that the servers are still haunting me. Everything are working fine with them, until, suddenly, one of them complains about an invalid alloc and dies. It happens after a few days and I have idea why. I decided that I would give it a go with a newer Tcl version, so I installed that and it’s now running again. I don’t know if it’s working or not, I just know that it has not crashed, yet. These are the worst kind of bugs. The kind that you got no idea how to reproduce and that takes very long time until they occur so you don’t know if you actually have fixed them or if it just happens to work a bit longer this time.

There was a bit of turbulence in a part of the internet where I hang around the last few days. I don’t like turbulence there, partly due to the fact that a part of the place used to be mine quite a while back, but I also like the new place quite a lot. Mr. me dove in and fixed it right up, at least I got the people to see clearly and conclude that they shouldn’t do the craziness they were doing. It’s not settled yet, but there’s at least a foundation to build on now.

The two last days have been quite nice for me. Well, perhaps not the first half of Saturday, as it was exam day. But the second half of Saturday was nice and I have had quite a nice day today also. Saturday evening I spent with a girl from my class who lives relatively close. She’s quite nice, worries too much though, and are quite uncertain about, it seems, quite a lot of things. Overall I had a nice time though even if it wasn’t for all that long duration. Going down to sensation white with her in July also btw, so if you’re going we’ll see you there!

Today I haven’t done much at all, which was a very nice change from not doing much at all the days before. The difference is that today, there was nothing else that I was really supposed to do. The days before I was supposed to study for my exam, but didn’t have any energy at all and mainly played Mythos instead. Today I visited a friend, coded some php, fixed some stuff in linux and played a bit. And I didn’t feel this “I should be doing something more important instead” feeling that I usually get when doing such things. I think I’ll like it after school when I get to work. Perhaps not the work, but when I get home after work, I think I’ll feel more free than I currently do. Will be quite alright.

Don’t know what I’ll be doing for summer yet, waiting on a answer from a company where I applied for a summer job, will hopefully hear from them soon. If that doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll be have a whole lot of doing nothing time on my hands, perhaps time to be creative, time will tell.

The Flow

This day started really shitty, with a headache. First thing I did when I’d gotten out of bed was to take painkillers and they actually helped pretty quick. During the day I had no problems with headache at all, in the evening there was a slight hint of it coming back, but it decided not to. Today I’ve done a bit of this and that; first I had a lesson in school where we were to discuss project quality management. Perhaps not the most fun thing in the world, but surely not the most boring either. Also worked a bit today, even worked a bit too much as the thing I was doing wasn’t finished by the time I was supposed to finish. Wasn’t anything major though, just another 20 minutes or so. I’d love to do 15-20 minutes extra all the time, as I get on the same train either way, otherwise I either join some people on an other train to kill some time, or I camp at the train station, which isn’t all that fun.

Yesterday wasn’t a productive day at all, today was the opposite. Got 2 more questions done on my essay thingy, so just one more to go which I’m going to do tomorrow, then I can start focusing on my exam that I have for the weekend.

I finished the day with fixing some bugs in the server I mentioned yesterday. Well, actually mainly in the client, but made some changes in the server also to fit the client better. Now I’m going to have a long nice sleep as I haven’t got anything scheduled at all for tomorrow. Well, I of course got lots of studying to do, but I don’t need to be anywhere.


Today I went for a walk. Went by car to one of the national parks in Sweden and walked about 7.5 to 8 kilometers. That might not sound all that bad, but the place is anything but flat. It’s also very rocky so you have to watch where you step so you don’t mess up your ankle or something. The walk itself was very nice, sunny most of the time but with some clouds now and then, about 10-12 degrees Celsius. The best part though, was that I got to see a bat hunting for food real close. Apparently, as it’s usually quite cool there, as it’s a brook running in a ravine, the bats are out in the day quite often also. This one was quite small, perhaps 2 cm body, and 15 centimeters between the tips of its wings. It was flying over a wider section of the brook hunting insects, and not at all afraid of us, sometimes it came within 1½ meter from me to when there was something there to eat. Was quite a spectacle to look at.

I also went to the place that one of my previous posts are about, the cliff that goes out from the edge. I noticed when I walked out this time, that I felt no fear at all for the height, no need to be careful, I just walked. As I recall, I didn’t feel fear the last time either, but I was very careful when I walked out there, this time I was not. I don’t quite know why, or how I’ve changed. If anything, I should be more careful now, as my life in general is a bit better these days and I would have more to loose. But at the same time, I guess that I feel, if I’m supposed to fall, I will no matter if I try to be careful or not.

Over all it was a very nice walk, and I’m looking forward to going that path again in a month or so when it’s all green also.

When I got home I was quite a lot of tired, some of the tiredness of course came from the walk, but I had awoken quite early also and hadn’t slept for that many hours. I briefly visited irc to check up on things, played for a short while but then decided that a nap would be great. And great it was, in fact so great that I slept for several hours. I hope those hours will add up for me to not be tired tomorrow, as I now have less than 7 hours left of sleep for tonight. Either way, waking up wasn’t as pleasant. Back on irc, I notice that nothing is working. The server that we moved, upgraded and got running yesterday night was all borked. It had printed errors that made no sense to me, the sql table was in need of an repair and in general, very little was actually working. I’ve been working quite a while at eliminating bugs in this new server and the corresponding clients. But when coding servers, unless you’re at a company and can actually test it properly, you’ll always seem to end up with bugs you couldn’t have anticipated. I have tested the server quite a lot with a few users using it for up to a month already, but when you actually make the switch and put hordes of clients on it, something always seems to go wrong. Some input you didn’t expect, or just the multitude of clients messes things up. Or, perhaps…. I’m just a bad coder….


It’s been a few months or so since my latest post, the reason for this isn’t that I don’t like to write, it’s more a lack of time thingy. Now I finally got my laptop back so now there will hopefully be some more posts. The laptop have been busy for the last few months doing server related stuff as the server I used before came crashing down and I had no backup. Either way, it’s finally sorted so now I got my laptop back and can run away with it again. It’s 5:30 in the morning and it was a very long time since I was up this late last, I’m dead tired so I’ll end this post here, good night people.