Why while when for is better ?

I’m currently sitting in school waiting for time to pass, at this time of the day, the trains only go once every hour, so I couldn’t take the 30 min later train that I usually take in the morning. At 12:15, I will get my last exam back, I should have passed it but I’m not 100% sure. Some parts I’m certain that I passed, but other parts, not so sure. It kind of sucks that ssh is blocked on the schools computer, I guess I’ll have to shut the webserver down at home and move ssh to port 80 instead, I tried it once and then it worked. Only bad thing is that I got a friends blog running from my box and he will have to add a weird port number to his url for people to find it if I move ssh to port 80. I guess I’ll have a talk with him in the evening if he’s online. I got other things I want to talk with him about as well. Don’t know how he’s doing, he wasn’t doing so good last time and I think he got mad at me, not that I was out of line, but when you’re down, even the smallest thing can set you of. I know this very well as I have been there myself, hope he’s doing okay at least.

I have experienced something a bit unexpected. I have now been working on and off since September and when I started, or rather, when I first got in touch with them, I didn’t really feel like it. I wasn’t in the mood to meet people, to go and have to do something and so on, but back then I was bright enough to conclude that I had to do something, I couldn’t just stay at home all the time. So I thought I would do it properly, start school and work at the same time! Now, 3 months later, I am glad I did. It has helped me a lot in various ways. Even if I don’t meet any of the people either from work or school privately (with one exception one time), I at least meet them regularly. So I talk with them, discuss with them and get to know them a bit. I get to know who I like, who I respect and who I don’t. It’s not that I need any of these people, but it keeps my mind a bit occupied so I have less time to just think about the same things over and over.

The work I do is not fantastic, but it’s not like before that I sit and wait for time to pass, and as I don’t have any last day of working, as I have had before, I can’t count the days I got left either. At the moment, I booked for 1 more day this year, as we don’t get the times much in advance. But I’m sure that I will work more than that before the year ends. The day before, I of course think “It would be nice to be home tomorrow instead”. But as we’re not allowed to cancel work closed than 48 hours, there’s not really an option besides getting my arse out of the bed and go at it. And when I am at work, it’s not bad at all. Depending on what I do, the time either pass quite quickly, or, the time pass at a normal rate. It’s uncommon that I get a task that is really boring and time flows very slowly, but it does happen. Thing is, just get done with it and I get something else to do. The people at work are very nice in general. The people who are employed there are very helpful, unless they got very much to do. And the people in the pool, as I am, are all like a big family of some sort. The people who have been there longer help the people who haven’t been there as long. And you always talk with someone a bit or so, depending a bit on who sit close.

As I have said before, I don’t go to school at the moment, except for today of course. But as I have done what they are doing already, people come to me and ask for help, think there been 8 or so by now. A few days back, the guy from school that I talk the most with came and asked me about some java stuff. He sent me his code, and I saw that he had done all wrong and wrote a solution of how it’s supposed to be done. After I sent it to him he said that I hadn’t done at all as the teacher had done in his example. So I asked him to send the example over. After checking it through a bit, I was amazed at what level of poor coding the teacher was using. And this is not just my humble opinion, I asked some people on the net who have coded a lot and they totally agreed with me. In essence there’s two methods, findItem and removeItem in/from an ArrayList. The scary part is that the teacher does not use the findItem in the removItem method, instead he got more or less the same searching code in both of them. His removeItem code is also very poorly written. So instead of having about 10 lines for the findItem method and 1 or 2 lines for the removeItem method. He got about 20 lines in the findItem method and about 15 lines in the removeItem. Where I went and had my java course before, it was of outmost importance that we did not code like the current teacher does. That we did not copy-paste but instead split up similar parts into functions and reused them.

Oh well, enough with the ranting, time to close this down and head up to see if anyone else from my class arrived yet.

Apple juice

The past week, there have been an abnormal event over at xkcd, instead of the normal Monday, Wednesday and Friday release dates, there was a new strip every weekday. I quite like the comic and it’s the only web comic, or other comic for that matter, that I read regularly. A thank you flies out to Dane for giving me the url to it. As stated by the header on it, it’s a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. If you are a bit nerdy, like me, it’s at times really great. And it does not take too much time to read it three times a week.

This week I had an exam on the Monday, I think it went rather well, or at least I hope so. Some of the stuff that we had for this exam, we’ve done so little of in school that nobody really knows what’s expected of us and how to do it properly, so I think there’s been quite a bit of guesswork from most people in that area. Now that I’ve had two exams, one paper and two seminars in this new program I’m attending, I’ve concluded that books are pretty useless. There’s only one book I’ve read all the way through, the other books I have read at most 20 pages in each, so feels a bit like a waste of money.

As I might have said before, I’m currently free from school as I have already taken the course they are doing currently. I however had the exam Monday so I haven’t been all free, so I was really looking forward to the past Thursday (worked Tuesday and Wednesday) when I would be totally free from Thursday to Tuesday when I have to work again. I had a whole lot planned that I would do in these days, have a lot of coding to do for one of my projects. But of course, I get sick in a killer cold, sneezing, fever, aches, sinuses, the whole kit, so I haven’t gotten much of anything at all done. Today is the first day that I have actually made any progress, and I still got a bit of headache. So I guess it will be up to tomorrow, then work again Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s quite interesting to have this break from school, as I notice who from class keeps talking with me even though I’m not there and who does not. I also get to notice who only talks about school related stuff and who’s on a more personal level. So far, there’s just one of all I met since I started school again that actually talks with me about non school related things. The girl I visited about 2 weeks back. I’m not quite sure what she thinks about me though, as she seldom seems to poke me when she’s online. But, one of my best friends is the same way, I can talk with her for long on the phone, but on the internet it’s just a disaster. And I know that some people are afraid to bother me with small talk as I seem to be a busy guy, as I’m always doing something when I’m sitting by my computer. I don’t just sit and chat as some of them do.

She’s not the one that speaks the most with me, a guy from class gets that position without problem, and oh he can talk. I don’t think I ever talked with anyone on the internet before that held so long monologues. I’m not quite sure what I shall do with this guy, as he’s quite annoying at times, but at the same time he’s one of the good guys and seem a little bit lonely and not totally happy about his situation. Will see how that works out, but knowing me, I don’t deal too well with people that annoy me slightly.

Then there’s a bunch of people that I’ve been working together with on paper and stuff that more or less only talked with me about programming, them having problem and seeking my help. Nothing at all about how I’m doing, or other personal stuff. I don’t like that people. I also sometimes ask help from people I don’t talk with regularly, but when I do, I either lay it out that I’m obvious that I’m doing it and I don’t see it as something good to do, or I talk about some other stuff also. It’s not that I don’t want to talk with them, they’re old friends after all, just grown apart a bit. The people asking me questions however aren’t old friends, so they don’t get that passage.

If I happened to offend you, that was not the intention, and I’m sorry that things are so shitty at the moment, you know who you are.

And finally a top tip, don’t pour 2 deciliters of apple juice in your keyboard, it does no good at all. Trust me on that one.

The law

I’m going to school tomorrow, it’s the first time since the 29:th of October. Then I’m going to school on Monday, after that I’m staying home till the 10:th of December. I go to work more instead though, going for 2 days a week now, might slam in a third day also, haven’t quite decided on that yet. Reason I’m not in school is cause I have already studied what they are studying now and don’t need to learn it again. Work is quite nice actually, give a real break from both school and everyday nothingness. It depends a bit on what I get to do at work though, some days are better than others but in general it’s quite okay. And there’s a really nice thing with working also, you get paid!

Today was a day that was even nicer than the normal days. First I worked from 9 to 17, after that I went over to the local bus stop and went down to the train station, fortunately I missed my train with about a minute or so, so I hopped on a train that goes past my station, so I could switch and go back to my station instead. But, when I got off the train, I phoned a girl in the city I was at and asked what she was up to. So instead of going home, I went over to her place instead. First time I was at her place as I haven’t known her for all that long and she has been a bit reluctant to allow people home to her as her apartment is kind of messy. She bought it a while back and there’s a bit of work left to do on it before it looks good again. But the parts she had done looked okay to good, some part better than others but indeed no parts bad. I was actually quite impressed as I don’t know that many girls that are handy like she is.

At least had a very nice time with her, talked some, ate some, talked some more. Over all, it’s was one of the nicer evening I’ve had in quite a while. And imagine that just week ago or so I was thinking if I would ever bother converse with her outside of school again as she didn’t seem very interested in talking with me the times I’ve poked her online. Hope I’ll get a chance to do it again, guess we’ll see.