The environment

A few days ago, I read in metro that this Monday we were supposed to dedicate blogs to the environment and the global heating and stuff like that. We should write about our normal stuff, but just include some aspect of the environment in the post. This to demonstrate how many of all the people out there who actually cares about it.

I don’t mind people blogging, talking etc. about the environment, and I don’t think global heating and stuff like that is silly. Dedicating a random Monday to the topic however is very silly. If it should have any impact, then write about the environment in all your posts, write mails to the UN or something. I really don’t think people around the world blogging about it for one day makes such a huge difference. If you really do care, then get active and do something about it. This is very typical human behavior; it’s easy to protest in some way, preferably in some easy way. But most people don’t get active, they don’t get involved in organizations, they just sit home and complain a lot.

I’m not saying that you’re all lazy stupid people, cause I can honestly say that I’m not involved in anything like that myself, and I like my computer and have it on a lot, even a bit when it don’t quite serve a purpose (I turn it off every night though). But then again, I’m not one of the people complaining about things but not doing anything to change them, and if I do, it’s about myself and things I caused myself and not some other problem that I dislike, yet just sit by and watch it grow.