School goes on, work goes on, I go on. Today is one of the shitty days, I don’t quite know why I get these shitty days, they just pop up every now and then for no special reason. Got an assignment that needs completing till Monday which I intended to do today, I however haven’t done much at all so I guess I’ll have to do it tomorrow after work. Had this group assignment in school that’s to be handed in on Friday. It has gone rather well, but there is this guy in my group that annoys me so very much. He’s one of those people who are rather arrogant and think he’s a bit better than everybody else, or at least it feels like that. We were at one of the other two guys home and were writing on the paper, of course the guy didn’t have any books with him so he borrowed mine. I don’t know about other people, but I at least try to keep things I borrow in a neat condition and all that. He on the other hand, though it was fun to bend my book in weird angles, and when I told him that I wanted to sell that book when the course was over and get as much $$ as possible and asked him to stop, he only bent it even more. Sure, stuff like this isn’t really serious, I agree about that, but I find it very arrogant and annoying. Each time I work with the group and meet the guy, I dislike him a bit more and I think I’m stuck with him till at least end of this semester. Work is going fine though, don’t need to talk with people much and spend the time clicking around on the computer and listening to net radio.

One thing I don’t like with school and work is that my spare time has become much less and my awake hour have shifted. I liked being awake at nights, but it’s no longer possible with school and work hours. I feel I don’t have time to do the things I used to like, write some script and so. And often I feel I have too much stuff to do to actually visit people now and then. Not like I did that a lot before, but if I wanted to, I could whenever more or less.

Lately it feels like I’m drifting a bit, drifting away from some of the people I like. I can’t quite figure out why, if it’s me, them or a combination. I miss some of them quite a bit, others are more kind of neutral. It feels like yet again my world is shrinking though, as I haven’t collected any new people from school or work and probably won’t. Feels like the people I can really talk with are gone or something and I’m left with the people that I only talk “world affairs” with, i.e. things that does not matter. Would be nice if they, or me, drifted back but I’m afraid that might not happen. And apparently, another one I talk about such stuff a bit at least is going away to. The naïve girl is moving and won’t have as much access to internet as she has now. Will see how that goes but I’m usually quite good with not talking to people for a long time and then picking it up again, don’t know if she is though.


Now that I started proper school again I’ve once again noticed how full of stereotypes the world is. Most people, you don’t need to speak with for more than a few minutes to know what type they are. I’m probably quite typed myself, as I’m quite ‘hard core’ nerd. I found one guy I talk a bit with in school at least, but I don’t really know if I will keep that up, he’s starting to fail in the interesting department. I might be wrong though, let’s hope he stays interesting. At work however, people seem to be more open minded and less judging than in school. I know this sounds  abit like I’m judging people myself but expect to not be judged, I guess that might be true, but I’d like to think otherwise and I do give all people a chance to prove me wrong.

School is pretty much same as last time yet a bit different. Straight away from the first day I knew that I didn’t fit with the majority, but I’m okay with that. My attitude towards all of this at the moment is to do what is needed to do the school stuff. Exams, group assignments etc. get it all done with an okay grade and be done with it. It’s after all just one and a half year with these guys, then I’m going to do something else while they do free courses. I already feel that I got limited free time compared to before, but I guess that comes quite natural. Today I spent pretty much all day reading, done about 2 hours ago or something. And I think I will read some more before I go sleep. Tomorrow it’s work from nine to five, and I got an assignment for Friday so I don’t know how much time I’ll get over tomorrow either, most likely, not so much.

It’s time for sleep at least, so take care all and I’ll see when I write again, haven’t really got time for this either, there are things and people more important!