Time flies

One and a half month have passed since I wrote last, quite a bit have happened since then. First I guess I perhaps should mention that I went down to Amsterdam the 14:th to 15:th of July. Went down for Sensation Black 2007 but also had the bonus of meeting one of the people I’ve talked for a long time but never met in real life. Sensation was very nice, not really my type of music, but a really nice experience that I’ll remember for a long time to come, definitely going down next year too but will aim for going to white instead and not black, or perhaps to Antwerp instead of Amsterdam. As I went alone without any friends or so (everyone I asked “wanted” to but then couldn’t afford it) I kind of moved around alone at first, but up by the stage I found some nice Netherlanders, especially I girl from Rotterdam that I “talked” with most. Talking isn’t really doable except for short moments of screaming.

All well, home from Amsterdam I came. The day before I went there, my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s brother and mother had come to visit. The mother doesn’t speak any language that I understand. Only ones who understand her fully is her sons, but my sister understand her a bit, more cause of an agreed way to communicate from living together than an actual language. So when I got back home it was a lot to do with them all. I usually see my sister twice a year, a longer period in the summer then a shorter one for Christmas. I at least had quite busy day to day life there, studying a bit and getting to know the family a bit. Didn’t go out all that much since weather was pretty crappy.

In middle of august I got my 5:th assignment for the summer course I’m taking. A very badly planned course that have been very much delayed. Not until a few days ago I got the last assignment and the course should already be finished by now. The 5:th one was messy though, very fuzzy instructions and even fuzzier guidance. Got it ready yesterday at least after spending more hours than intended with it. Don’t know if it’s okay yet as it haven’t been graded. It’s at least what I spent most of my awake time with the last week or something.

The last week hasn’t been too much free awake time though, as I started working Monday. It’s a training period first and the last day of training is today. It’s at the evening but since I live in a village communications isn’t at best. So takes an additional 2 or so hours just for traveling. It’s however quite alright as I walk from train to work and back, which at least give me some exercise in time that I couldn’t used for anything else either way. Work also got a bit fuzzy instructions, perhaps it’s just me that’s stupid. Think I’ll get rather bored of that work quite quickly, but at least it’s some money on the side of the studies. The studies I start tomorrow, full time at site. I haven’t had those kind of studies since my life became a mess 4 years ago. I really hope that history won’t repeat itself, feels that too much time already have been spent on that.

And now, something for someone special.

but for real I actually think that you like me quite much even though you don’t seem to show that lately… you have been a bit withdrawn the last few days.. a bit absent-minded… but it will probably pass.. or at least I hope so.. although, you said a while ago that you will be gone for a while because you had become too attached to me.. perhaps you have noticed that again.. hard to know.. you don’t always tell all that much.. but if pressured a bit you usually tell some at least.. wondering a bit where you are going on friday.. said you will be gone for weeks.. think it’s because of the builders but don’t really know.. and don’t know where you’ll be living during that time either.. am a bit worried for you.. I hope it goes well… will miss you when you are gone though.. I think about you quite often.. how you are doing.. what you are thinking about and what you think.. either way I’m happy to “have” you.. feel really good and would hate to loose you… so I’m going to watch myself and be sure not to hurt you so you perhaps realize that I’m (according to my own very biased view) are not like most other guys.. oh well.. hope that day sometime comes and I really hope that I sometime am actually get to meet you.. would be very nice.. and no.. I’m not going to translate this…

Guess I did translate it after all, oh well….