A childish fashion

I have just woken up, for the second time today. I went to bed around 5:30 or so after watching 2 episodes of friends. I watch friends every night before I sleep. Then sister phoned and woke me up at around 10:30, was mildly annoyed with that. I however decided that I was going to go up, stay up and go to bed early tonight instead. That failed after about 30 minutes as I was too bored and too tired to stay up. So just woke up again, time for brunch soon.

I guess not much is happening at the moment, just studying a bit and doing misc computernerdy things when I’m not. Don’t really think anything interesting at all have happened since I wrote last. Well, I met a friend who I hadn’t met since before Christmas which was nice. We don’t meet very often as he lives in a different country, but he’s planning to move to “my” country so went with him to check out some apartments.

Cut of your auditory nerve, or in this case I guess it would be the optic nerve. I’m about to whine.

As some of you might know, I used to be admin, or perhaps still am of a project. On this project there’s 3 other admin. Let’s call them Bob, Steven and Matt. Bob is the guy who started it all, quite a while ago and I must give it to him, he has done quite a bit of work on the project. Steven been admin since like forever also, he however haven’t coded anything, and I don’t think he does very much of other things, perhaps a bit of user management. Overall though, I find him very utterly useless. It’s like he’s part of the project only because he wants to reap the goodies while doing as little as possible. I personally hate people like that. He’s a friend of Bob so can’t really get rid of him either. A while ago, I said I was going to quit, and I did for a while. When I did, Bob brought in Matt. Matt is an irl friend of Bobs, they work together I think. Matt does exactly as little as Steven does, but he’s a bit new at least. I talked with Matt a bit yesterday and it seems like he wants to help out more but just don’t know how to. In my humble opinion he could do a hell of a lot more of content management. At the moment a normal user is doing most of that. Neither Steven nor Matt is doing it at all. Bob used to do quite a bit, but I don’t know how much he does anymore.

My personal view of it all, if you got a project running with a few hundred users, you try to keep it going, improve it and server your “customers”. At the moment, I’m kind of the only one that cares. Bob is seldom online on the project, Steven is just reaping and Matt doesn’t know shit. Many of the users come to me with their problems etc. as I’m the only one that actually answers in a reasonable amount of time. In my humble opinion, this sucks big! I used to like this project, but these days I only feel frustration of the lack of activity from the other administrators. I’m doing the parts that I wasn’t supposed to do also. I think it’s just a matter of time until I quit completely and leave it to sink. Cause I’m quite certain it will sink after a while unless they bring in new people.

Brunch time!