There are a lot of people who are, not afraid but don’t really like thunderstorms. They feel a bit insecure and I guess a bit frightened of it. I’m not one of those people. Started thundering here about 4 am or something, or at least I noticed it around then. Was watching Mr. Bean and therefore wearing my headphones so didn’t hear it a first. Anyway, shut down computer, grabbed my jacket and a lightning rod (umbrella) and went out. The storm was in a good direction so only had to walk about 150 meter to get a almost 180 degree clear view of the sky. I was out about 30 minutes or so, it’s still thundering now thing, direction changed a bit just, started to rain again also.

Day in general was pretty event less otherwise, woke up feeling not so good, but it got better during the day.

Time to reboot as I just upgraded the kernel. Using my laptop now, mainly cause I couldn’t bother to boot the workstation again. But as a side effect I’m also lightning safe, no power connected and using internet via WLAN. Sitting in a comfy chair in the living room, kind of like this too. On laptop I got Windows Vista and Debian etch. When I use the laptop myself, I usually boot into debian, as it’s faster and more responsive than Vista is. My sister and her boyfriend always logs into windows though. Guess that’s easier for them. Right now I’m in windows too though, I wrote the post in debian and then pulled some updates including a new kernel, rebooted and bloody network doesn’t work anymore. I’m too tired to fix it now though so will have to wait for tomorrow or some other day.

Open Source

Today has been a very good day. It’s been bad weather, so excellent reason to stay inside and just nerd all day long. I got some mail from the Tcl Thread dev, and he fixed the problem I was having. So today my threadpools really moved forward and are working as intended. Now I just need to add lots of other stuff around it and it should be good to go. It’s really nice with open source stuff, as you can just look in the changelog for the most active coder then mail him with the specific problem. Took him about a week then he had fixed it and I’m now set to go again. A bit harder if it’s a problem in some closed code, then you usually need to go by some contact page, where the email gets delegated to someone and probably ends up with superlow priority cause it’s now cash bringer to fix it.

Did some stuff with my aquarium today also, cut away some plants, and replanted some stuff. Also added some coconuts in it for the fish to lay eggs in. Unfortunately, one of my fish had passed away during the night, don’t quite know what happened with him, think he got some brain damage or something. One day he just couldn’t move most of his fins. He tried to hang in there but he had quite some trouble swimming where he wanted to, and especially fast enough. Don’t quite know what killed him, but might have been some organ failure. Kind of sad as it was a badis badis which is kind of hard to get. Only seen them once and then I got two, now I’ll have to wait till they show up again to get a new one. I’m also looking for another pair of cichlids, have looked at some but haven’t found any real colourful ones yet. Think I want some apistogramma cacatuoide, but haven’t seen any nice looking the last few months, was a nice pair when I first got my aquarium, but was a bit unsure of what fishes I wanted back then.cacatmale01

The funny farm

Got an email reply from my project mate so I actually had to study a bit today. Didn’t take too long, did some stuff with the GUI and is now waiting on reply from him again. After that I started playing with and I’m happy to let you know that it’s finished, or at least I think so. Go over and check it out if you want to. You may register also for ability to upload files, I do however not promise that I’ll activate all of your accounts if there’s too many that registers, but close friends should be okay. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Only thing I don’t like is that I couldn’t thumbnail all images, the host I’m using has a memory limit of 16 MB and no imagemagick so it can’t resize images larger than 2.8 MegaPixels.

Watched the last episode of season 1 of Heroes tonight also, nice as always. Now there’s not many shows left this season, few episodes of OTH I think, some Studio 60 and a double final episode of Veronica Mars, she got canned.

Last hour or so, I’ve spent with the funny farm. Hadn’t touched it for months but found the url in one of my mails so I picked it up again. Managed to fill out some boxes, send mail with new status to my friend and will see what happens I guess.


Today has also been quite a good day, movie watched, php coded, starcraft 2 announced. Day started with lunch and then continued with a movie. After movie I painted some garden chairs, or well, oiled not painted. Paintjob done, which took quite a while, I moved back inside and continued the work on My user management section is now complete and I’ve added listing for the “large files”, no deleting yet though. Tomorrow, if I get time, I will move on to uploading files and the non-picture listing.

And Blizzard FINALLY announced Starcraft II!

Disappointing fire

Today has been quite a good day. It started with getting me 2 more days of as my partner can’t fix what needs to get fixed until Monday. Sister, her partner, her daughter and their two dogs was over for lunch (the dogs didn’t dine with us). After lunch I tagged along on a walk with sister, partner and dogs and I quite like going out in general these days. In the afternoon me and my mother went out for a longer walk in mother nature, haven’t been on that either for a while so was very nice. As my other friend is counting his steps for a contest at work, I decided to do that today too. We don’t quite stay on track at the place we go, shift between several tracks and go “off road” a little, when I got home I checked the counter and was up to 7036 steps, quite decent in my humble opinion. Played some Guild Wars and got my first Vanquisher point. Takes quite a lot of time to Vanquish areas (kill all mobs in the area).Talked a bit with dear friend who I thought would be away longer, just a bit though. Went into town to watch a “fire show”, unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as the one I saw last fall, less people and way shorter. Met up with family there too, but wasn’t very much left to do and the music on the stuff after was really bad, so decided to go home again.

At home I had a very nice time, spoke with my dear friend for some hours, and really got in a good mood, I really do like talking to her. Don’t quite know what it is with her, but she has always got something somewhat interesting to say, or at least I find it interesting. Today she showed me a few drawings she had done some years back, she’s to scan some for me tomorrow. Can’t wait!

After she went to bed at 1:30 or something, I’ve started to workon Going to redo it with a mysql backend to keep track of who uploads what files. Also have dynamic users so I can add/delete users direct from the page without any need to open editor and ftp. I also thought I’d device the page into several sections. First one with file listing of all non-large, non-picture files. Then a list of the large files (over 10 MB) which currently is just 3. Then at the bottom, I thought I’d have thumbnails of all pictures there. It is a bit of work to get it all running smoothly, but when done, I think it will be really nice. Decided to use the style from my tcl page also.