Finally! Yesterday, around 10 or so, me, my parents and my sister went to a place called Skäralid. It’s one of Sweden’s national parks. It very very nice nature, with very much Beech in it, afraid I didn’t have any camera with me, was some really nice photograph spots along the way. Among other places a spot called “Hjortsprånget”. There it was a ½ meter wide path straight out from the cliff for about 4 meters or so, then there was a platform about 3 sqm large or something. I’ll include a picture from last fall, just so you can get a feel for it.

Anyway, no sleep that night, was reading my book, Plains of Passage, still at ~9 or so when we started to get ready to leave. We picked up my other sister and her two dogs on the way home, so when we got home I tagged along for a walk with them. Then it was time for some dinner and stuff, so I went to bed at around 17. Today I woke up at around 9:30 or so, so I had a pretty nice sleep.dscf2520


Today I actually did study a bit, wrote most of the project proposal, now I’m just waiting for a class diagram and some other stuff before I can send it in. Visited my sister earlier in the day, it’s always kind of nice to be there, always relaxed. She lives in the nowhere, got a lousy computer, no permanent internet connection and no neighbors with wifi. So when I’m there, I really haven’t got anything at all to do, so just rest more or less. Quite nice from time to time, but I think I’d go crazy pretty fast if I had to spend any longer duration there.

Other than that, I mainly been online chatting today, been playing nine rings in guild wars which includes a whole lot of standing still and doing nothing. Got about 8000 ticket wins left to Charmed title, hope I’ll make it tomorrow!

The closest thing to crazy

Today I went swimming in the sea, first for this season and have never done it so early in the year before. Was very cold at least, probably somewhere around 13 Celsius. I however read an article in “Illustrerad Vetenskap” (science magazine) that they had done tests with mice about prolonging life. And one of the things that prolonged life was getting chilled down frequently.

Other than that, the day has been extremely eventless, didn’t get any studies done today either. Don’t quite know what I’ve done today really, watched 2 episodes, but that’s just 90 minutes. Chatted a bit, done some minor sysadmining but nothing that takes a lot of time. Been dead tired the whole day though, guess time flies when I’m this tired and unfocused.


A guy I know, and have known for many years has become kind of a moron (imho). When we were younger, he was quite okay, he was a city guy though and I was not. These days he’s a politician, when I read the articles he writes in the local newspaper from time to time it really feels like he’s either fishing votes or just ranting. When someone else writes about him though, it’s a whole lot of more fun, at least for me. Latest episode he insulted an civil servant and badmouthed some immigrants in a local club when the civil servant was checking so everything was done correctly. Everyone thought he should resign and he was encouraged by several both within his own party and in the municipal committee he’s in. Anyway, he apparently (from what today’s newspaper sais) called some guys with more experience and then decided that he wasn’t going to resign. His main reason to stay on was because he had done nothing wrong. He claims that the civil servant is lying but doesn’t want to offer his own story for the newspaper. He said that it might make people think about who’s more trustworthy and a politician shouldn’t have to be doubted.

I for one would without doubt trust the civil servant before him even though I got no clue at all who the servant is. These kinds of acts are acts that make people trust politicians less and less. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, and if he had acknowledged that he had made a mistake because he had been drinking a bit more than he perhaps should have been and said that he was sorry to the guys. In a week it would all have been forgotten. But no, he can’t fail. Pfft!


Just finished an episode of Heroes. It’s without doubt the best new show. I especially like Hiro as he’s kinda towards the crazy side. Some things might be a bit much I guess for some people, but it’s just a question of open mind. Sure, it breaks all laws of physics and stuff but who’s to say that the physics are correct. They might all be wrong and this is what comes in the future, personally I find it quite unlikely, but I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible.

Studying, hmmm… nopes.. kinda didn’t study at all today, bad bad me. Hope it goes better tomorrow, guess it depends a bit on what my project mate does. If he’s productive, perhaps I also need to be a bit productive so we’re about at the same place and one doesn’t get his things done way before the other one. Gonna try to get out tomorrow, enjoy the nice weather and stuff, will see how it goes with that.

Spent quite a bit of my day at my neighbours place talking. She’s an oldish lady, really likes when one comes to visit her. She always have to offer  something to drink and no drink without a cake to go along with it, even if you politely say no like 50 times she still gotta get you something. Kinda nice I guess, but at the same time a bit annoying if you plan to not stay very long. Perhaps that’s why she does it, to make you stay longer while eating your cake and stuff. She’s been my neighbour all my life at least so kinda nice to visit her at times, her old man passed away a few years ago in a heart attack and I guess she’s kinda lonely at times since.

It feels very weird, the one I talk the most to is away somewhere. I don’t really know where or why, sais she’s going to be back on monday but I don’t really know if she actually will. I sure hope she gets back soon, life feels empty without her.